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Kelli Carner, RN, MHA, CBRM

VP of Customer Solutions and Digital Strategy



Beaverton, Oregon 

About Kelli 

Kelli is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a deep understanding of how healthcare technology affects patient care and an absolute passion for keeping patients out of acute care. Kelli’s dream job is getting to use her clinical and technological expertise to support the work leaders and clinicians provide every day.  Over 30 years experience of stacked nursing (CNA, LPN, and up) and IT experience across the care continuum gives her a unique perspective and problem solving tool bag for the challenges that home care and fringe post-acute providers face as the underdog in the technology, regulation, and funding space.   

What sets Kelli apart is her ability to combine her clinical expertise with her deep understanding of healthcare technology. Unlike traditional consultants who are poised solve a problems with technology, Kelli takes a holistic approach. She works with leaders and teams to understand identify realistic choices and implement solutions, soft skills and software, that enable them to deliver better care to their patients.  She is a trusted advisor who can help home care leaders not only strategize the right technology but also implement it in a way that optimizes efficiency and improves patient outcomes.


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Heart Coffee Original .jpg
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